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 How LaMothe Services Can Help You 

Our services are designed and developed to support your growing business. When you make an appointment for a free consultation, all information gathered is then formulated into a program specifically designed to resolve problem issues using LaMothe Services as your partner. We are willing to sign non-disclosure documents to make you feel comfortable in allowing us to assist you in managing and solving your most delicate business problems.

LaMothe Services specializes in Surrogacy agencies and other Third Party Family Building Companies. We can also assist other small businesses with coaching, customer service, organizational support, social networking and marketing concerns. Call for your free 40 minute phone consultation.

Please note that LaMothe Services is also offering professional surrogacy consulting packages aimed to educate and inform those considering Surrogacy as a family building option. This service is a natural first step for those exploring all options that are within the realms of Third Party Family Building and the Reproductive Technology Industry.

Calling all entrepreneurs! LaMothe Services is offering a Special that will have you running your own Surrogacy Agency before you know it!
Are you interested in owning and operating your own Surrogacy Agency but don't know where to start? Do you live in a surrogacy friendly state? Have you been entertaining the idea of becoming your own boss? Are you a 'people person' and have knowledge of the third party family building field? (Past Surrogate, Intended Parent or other A.R.T Professional) Do you believe that NOW is YOUR your time to take control of your own career path? If the answers are a resounding YES to all these questions then LaMothe Services, LLC can help you formulate a plan and assist you in building your business to it's full potential. E-mail to set up your free 40 minute consult and learn more about our Open Your Own Surrogacy Agency SPECIAL!                                                                                                                                                           
This SPECIAL for NEW SURROGACY AGENCY Owners includes the following!
15 Hours of Consultation:
This includes mainly phone and some e-mail communication. Discussing the viability of a surrogacy program, what it might take to begin, what issues and road blocks maybe in your path, etc. This package is based on what issues you want to explore.  Below are just a few of the topics we will discuss. As you can see, often more time is needed to have your business up and running smoothly: 
  •    Website Content   
  •     Marketing Materials    
  •     Forms (Intake, Applications, Retainers etc)
  •     Packet Information
  •     Recruiting Protocol
  •     Program Flow and Procedures
    •     Matching Procedures
    •     Clinic, Psychologist, and Attorney Relationships
    •     Hospital Risk Management Relationships
  •     Financial Tracking
  •     Surrogate Education and Support
  •     Intended Parent Education and Support
  •     Customer Service
  •     Networking with other professionals
  •     Staff development

Marketing Materials and  Agreements:

35-40+  ”samples". These  include a retainer  agreement, sample contracts, reimbursements for surrogates, anticipated fees and  costs, check lists, agency forms and documents, educational information for IPs and Surrogates etc. Some of this information can also be used in the website, social media, and marketing materials   

Business Card and Brochure Design- An additional 5 hours of brochure/card design
Client pays for all printing and shipping directly to their office/home. Client provides logo and content (Content can be found and used from the website)
Banner Ad Assistance
1 banner ad ready to post on Internet sites for visibility of your new company
Your Banner Ads on for 12 months FREE   
The cost of this package is $5,500.00 and is offered in 2 instalments of $2,750each-30 days apart. If you choose to pay in full, you will receive $500.00 off the entire package! (Total cost $5,000.00) 
Contact LaMothe Services today to get all the details! or call 727-458-8333. (Please note that our main office is located in Seattle, WA)
Extra hourly add-on packages are available for an additional charge.
*Need help building your website? We can help! Call for details!
**No Refunds

The SART Stats are now available! Check Out Your Favorite Clinic Statistics!

Yes? Maybe? Needs Improvement? HELP! 
Are your clients Intended Parents?
Do you work with Surrogates, Egg Donors or Sperm Donors? Embryo Donation?
Do you work in a home office or company that could use some organization?
Do you or your staff spend too much time on the phone with potential clients?
Do you feel you are losing potential clients to your competition?
Is your website stale, boring, and receiving little to no traffic?

Do you need help with your social networking?

Do you have accounts on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest and keep them updated regularly?
Do you need content for your blog or website?
Do you need your forms streamlined? Organized? Rewritten?
Does your staff work well together?
Would your staff benefit from customer service training?  
Is your customer service lacking?
Do you have clients that are having conflict with you or your staff?
Would you like to have stronger networking ability within the Assisted Reproductive Field?
Do you know which conferences to attend for the maximum return? Which to exhibit at?
Would you like tips on how to best exhibit your business?
Are you a member of professional organizations that benefit your company?
Do you feel there is a conflict of interest within your organization?
Do you have enough personal time? Family time? Vacation time?
Do you need someone to talk about your ideas with?
Do you feel isolated within your chosen field?
Do you need a fresh prospecpective on your business, sales, marketing?