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 Reviewing/ Rewriting Educational Materials/ Forms 
If you own a surrogacy or egg/sperm donation agency or work in the ART industry in another capacity, there are always websites, forms and marketing materials that you have your client read and/or fill out. These are applications, consent forms, educational materials just to name a few. Whether these forms are online or in print they often need to be updated and revised. Do you find that your applicants complain the forms are to long? (or do they just not stick around to fill one out?) Maybe your potential clients are overwhelmed with the amount of paperwork involved with signing up with your program? Why not have LaMothe Services review your website, forms and educational materials and streamline them into an easier and faster way for you to collect information from your surrogates, donors and clients! 
LaMothe Services will review your website, forms and materials and offer suggestions to streamline and condense your written or online applications.
If you would like, LaMothe Services can make up new forms that you might be missing in your efforts to gather information.
Whatever the case, we can assist you in saving time and money for both you and your clients.
Please call for your consultation, 40 minutes FREE! 727-458-8333

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