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 Organizational Support 
What is organizational support?
If you work in the home office or have an office at your practice, staying organized is a key element to carving out more time in your day. It can be as simple as having a place for everything and everything in it's place to revamping your filing system, organizing your computer files, purchasing computerized software for easier charting. Staying on your appointment schedule is important as well and at the same time making your clients feel that they are the only person you have to take care of. LaMothe Services can step into your home or business office and offer the following advice and services:
  • What Do You Do When Your Desk is a Disaster
  • Organizing Your Office: Reducing Paper in Your Office
  • How To Organize Your Computer Folders and Files
  • Multifunction Devices: How to Save Money and Space
  • Finding the Right Office Set Up
  • Organization Productivity (The best time to answer e-mails, phone calls, schedule meetings etc)
  • Organize Your Financial Papers
  • Storage Solutions for Your Office
  • How To Keep Your Mail Organized
  • The Fastest Way to Return Phone Calls
  • The Best Way to Deal With E-mail
Office organization is a very hands on project and LaMothe Services will help you make the most out of your space and the tools that you use to run your business.

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